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1:40 a.m. - 2016-07-05
wicked bitch
So very tired of the two faced bitch who birthed my husband. I wish she would just drop dead. I really do.
She treats my children like garbage and then gets on Facebook and talks about how much she 'loves' her grandkids. Fake ass bitch. I'm so fucking done with her. I've given her chance after chance to be a grandma to them but she can't be one. All she knows how to be is a soulless harpy who values money more than anything else in life. It is literally the driving force in her existence. All she ever talks about leads back to money.
She says she cares about my kids but she treats me and her son like shit. She introduces my kids as her 'precious grandbabies' and leaves me and John standing there like ghosts. We come over to her house and cook meals for her and she gives us us nothing but a hard time. I'm so done with this wicked witch masquerading as some kindhearted grandma.
I hope she gets everything she deserves. And none of it will be good. She's already finding that out for herself.

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